For many large e-businesses, conversion optimization is an important issue. Because even a conversion rate optimization in the per mil range can mean up to several hundred thousand euros in additional sales with a correspondingly large traffic volume.

Therefore, there are some great blogs dedicated to this area with great expert knowledge that should be highlighted. These blogs come from conversion optimization service providers as well as from providers of conversion, A-B testing or landing page tools. These have gained unique insights and special knowledge in years of work through countless tests and projects.

Schreiben - Texten - TasturThe author teams of the qualitative conversion blogs regularly write detailed articles and add new content to older articles.




Since 2009, Unbounce has helped companies, marketers and digital agencies increase their conversions from websites and marketing campaigns. With their landing page and conversion marketing platform, they enable you to create, launch and test high-converting landing pages and pop-ups without a developer. According to Unbounce, it has generated over 250 million conversions worldwide for marketers around the world.

They also have a great blog with insights on landing pages and online marketing. Not only authors from the Unbounce Team publish content there, but they also gave exciting guest contributions from other digital experts regularly. The Unbounce Blog is a great read.

Conversion Sciences

Founded in 2007, the Conversion Sciences team is led by global optimization experts Brian Massey and Joel Harvey. Their approach is the scientific and data-driven testing of conversion hypotheses. They also appear at lectures in their white lab coat, which has become their trademark. Conversion Sciences has conducted thousands of tests on a variety of e-commerce and lead generation websites.

In a their American style, they write inspiring and sometimes provocative articles on topics such as e-commerce, content and marketing strategy. Of course, they always take a look through their optimization glasses. The articles contain exciting food for thought and optimization levers that you can quickly transfer to your e-business. To get an impression of one of the authors, read our expert interview with Brian Massey.

Best Content - TastaturOn many topics you can find a lot of inaccurate information on the net. This also applies to conversion optimization. In these Conversion Blogs you find the best content and detailed information.


The ConversionXL Blog by Peep Laja and his team with roots in Estonia is known for its detailed, practical content. There you will find case studies about Data Driven Marketing, Analytics and of course Conversion Optimization. ConversionXL also offers digital marketing certificates and other online training for marketing professionals and teams. Readers of the blog can receive many in-depth articles and information about digital marketing. Selected guest contributions by external experts also find their place there.

The motto of ConversionXL is: "We write for smart people". You won't find any Listicles or simple How To content here. All articles are well researched and easy to understand due to many screenshots and many visual elements! Important statements are supported by studies, reliable figures or test results.

The Daily Egg

Last but not least: The Crazy Egg Blog from sunny California. Crazy Egg offers besides the detailed content in the blog a tool for A/B testing of content like headlines. This allows companies to find out which content converts and which does not. So-called heat maps can also be viewed with the tool. This can be used to visualize which areas of your website users focus their attention on and where they really click.

The blog called "Daily Egg" deals with various digital topics in detailed articles. In addition to Conversion Optimization you will also find articles on topics such as design, social media marketing, email marketing and much more. In addition to the contributions of the editorial staff and guest authors, you will also find contributions from Crazy Egg co-founder Neil Patel.

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