The Power of First Party Data

The digital marketing space is using many different data sources for website optimization, effective advertising, retargeting users who abandoned a cart, for onsite and offsite personalization efforts, and many more.

Data-driven versus rule-based - 5 success tips for the optimal automation strategy

The entire working world is changing and is already showing the effects of advancing automation in all areas. Opinions differ as to whether euphoria or caution is appropriate in view of the consequences of this restructuring. While a new OECD study ...

Data Governance 101: What it is, why it is important and how to achieve it

Data governance should be on top of any C-levels’ agenda, but more often than not it isn’t. In this article we will give you an overview of what data governance is and what it is not. What is data governance, why does it matter so much for ...

Use your data treasure cleverly: This is how you turn Big Data into Smart Data!

Collecting data: A trend that is almost as common in the digital age as the collection of ink cartridge beads in the 1990s. The result of the general enthusiasm for collecting data in e-business are huge mountains of data, which accompany many ...

5 Trends for e-commerce in 2020

The new decade is about to start and will bring with it numerous digital innovations and fresh e-commerce trends. In particular, online traders and marketers should not oversleep, but should have them on screen in good time - in two senses of the ...

10 Data & Analytics Trends that (will) change your business

Data is generated and collected in almost all industries in unimaginable quantities. According to the IDC report, the amount of data worldwide will increase from 33 Zettabyte in 2018 to 175 Zettabyte in 2025. For clarification: 175 Zettabyte = 175 ...
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7 marketing measures with which you frighten away users

Anyone who travels on the Internet will inevitably be confronted with more or less annoying marketing measures and techniques. In this article we have collected the most annoying marketing measures and techniques from the user's perspective so that ...

Dilemma of personalization: 20% is not enough

Personalization is currently one of the hottest buzzwords in e-business. German e-business media produces lurid headlines such as "Without personalization no brand loyalty" or "Consumers expect personalization" - but is that really the case?

Expert interview: Insights on Conversion Optimization by Brian Massey (

Brain Massey, web optimization expert and founder of the agency Conversion Sciences talks to us in an interview about his view on conversion optimization. We dive into conversion processes, the role of redesign in optimization, talk about ...
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