Consider the diversity of your customers

An example: User A is browsing for blue polo shirts in your shop. In this interest, he equals user B and user C and can get similar products displayed. But However, these three users are fundamentally different in the way they want their products displayed: A likes a large display of each individual polo shirt, B likes an overview including information on size, price and material and C wants to see complete outfits for this polo shirt. ODOSCOPE takes these different interests into account by being the only provider on the market to find the statistical siblings of each individual user for each individual element.

ODOSCOPE considers an infinite number of possible combinations of diverse properties, profiles and attributes of products and users and thus the diversity of each customer. Through prescriptive real-time analysis ODOSCOPE identifies the appropriate content for the user in his current shopping situation and thus provides customer experiences that inspire and whet the appetite for repeated shopping.

Your advantages through personalization 2.0

Through real-time clustering and the analysis of high-dimensional data, ODOSCOPE really plays out content in a targeted manner, regardless of whether the user is already known or is entering your shop for the first time. ODOSCOPE offers many advantages compared to previous personalization methods:

  • A separate shop for each customer

With ODOSCOPE you can ensure individually relevant content at any point in your shop: e.g. optimal product listings or optimal results for the internal search or individual SEA landing pages, prefilled forms, individually relevant product categories .... And you offer each of your users individuality through dynamic content, colors & layouts.

  • Tailored addressing of anonymous users

ODOSCOPE uses Big Data's knowledge, i.e. our technology draws on historical knowledge and is thus able to address first-time visitors directly and individually.

  • Omnichannel Personalization

ODOSCOPE optimizes all channels (desktop and mobile) as well as all devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC ...).

  • High accuracy in content playout

ODOSCOPE does not think in terms of drawers, i.e. we do not work according to rules. Rather, our algorithm works high-dimensionally and thus takes into account all the characteristics of your (anonymous) visitors and customers and their diversity.

  • Intergration all Ihrer Daten

ODOSCOPE is a platform and therefore able to integrate a wide variety of data and use it for correlation-based big data analyses and real-time playout: Stock data, returns data, margins, data from CRM and CMS, socio-demographic databases, ...

  • Saves time and resources

Our automated analyses and processes save you time and resources. You don't have any trouble.

  • GDPR compliant

ODOSCOPE works strictly according to GDPR regulations. This means that we work exclusively with anonymous data, conclusions about real identities are not possible and not necessary.

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