The Perfect Customer Experience Optimization Team

According to Gartner, up to 200 (!!!) different customer experience indicators are measured and analyzed in large organizations. The measurement of a Customer Experience (CX) is as complex as the CX itself, which basically consists of all ...

Experience the magic of situationalization at DMEXCO in Cologne

In 2019, the DMEXCO motto will be "Trust in you", which means that trust will be the focus of attention. Trust is not only important in the privacy arena, but also in relationships between people and companies.

Privacy vs. Individualization: The Battle between Privacy and Individual Customer Experience

Even one year after the introduction of the new Basic Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the hype surrounding data protection in online business has not yet subsided. Because as soon as the mammoth task of the GDPR has been mastered to some extent, ...

This is how L'Oréal, Tennis-Point & Co make their customers happy: 4 CX Best Practises of the Giants

Although an "excellent Customer Experience" (CX) is particularly pleasurable for customers and is considered the A&O for the virtual shopping trip, these three words cause goose bumps and massive overtaxing for many companies.

Buyer Personas: Why conventional personas are not enough

Imagine a brunette woman at the age of 25. Let's call her Sabrina. She sits with her laptop on the couch and follows her favourite hobby: online shopping. She proudly holds her credit card in her hand and looks at the many colorful shopping bags ...

Technologies in commerce: 5 innovations that (will) revolutionize commerce

For years there have been technologies in commerce, that have reinvented processes, structures or departments. Between the invention of the cash register in 1879 and the start of online commerce in the late 1990s, countless small and large ...
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RECO, AI or ML: This is the artificial intelligence of Amazon & Co

Online-shops are operating in an environment that has changed rapidly over the last 10 years. Small companies in the online trade are already throwing buzzwords like "Machine Learning", "Artificial Intelligence" or "Recommendations" around. An ...

7 marketing measures with which you frighten away users

Anyone who travels on the Internet will inevitably be confronted with more or less annoying marketing measures and techniques. In this article we have collected the most annoying marketing measures and techniques from the user's perspective so that ...

Dilemma of personalization: 20% is not enough

Personalization is currently one of the hottest buzzwords in e-business. German e-business media produces lurid headlines such as "Without personalization no brand loyalty" or "Consumers expect personalization" - but is that really the case?
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