"Trust in you" was the motto of DMEXCO 2019 and therefore trust was the focus of many lectures, panels and discussions with exhibitors. Because trust is not only important in the private sphere, but also in relationships between people and companies.


Digitally successful companies need the trust of their users and customers, especially when it comes to personal data. Large data scandals have made users more sensitive to issues such as privacy and data security.

In particular, the issue of data sovereignty is an important issue for many companies. "Data is the new oil" has become a catchphrase. You can find this and our other highlight topics of this year's DMEXCO here:

Data sovereignty and first party data gain in importance

Generating added value from self-collected data has become a more important focus for many companies than it was a few years ago. Medium-sized companies and corporate groups have understood that they should not hand over their data to large Internet companies. Therefore, they are increasingly beginning to use their own data.

A good starting point here is to rely on solutions such as Tealium or CrossEngage to make the most of the countless data sources. At the booths of these companies we were able to have good discussions about first party data. ODOSCOPE offers various solutions to transform these data sets into operational decisions and a good customer experience.


Commerce systems will be "headless"

Headless commerce is mostly seen as the future of (e-)commerce. With headless commerce solutions, the frontend (the shop, content such as images and texts, etc.) and backend (databases, integrations, etc.) are separated.

With the help of an intelligent API, this enables easy integration of third-party systems and other channels such as Smartwatch or in-store POS systems. This not only improves the speed of the continuous development of systems, but also shortens loading times and function integration cycles.

Kopfloser Businessmann - Headless Commerce

In this area there are many exciting companies like Frontastic (frontend solution for headless commerce), the Spryker Commerce OS or Shopware with its new version 6. So if you're currently thinking about repositioning yourself technologically for the next few years, you've certainly talked to the colleagues at their booths.

Tech giants are not just our friends anymore.

The tech giants from Silicon Valley are no longer start-ups. After countless data scandals and ever new record fines from the EU, FTC and other high-ranking authorities, it is clear to us that the global tech companies are no longer just our friends. Because with great power comes great responsibility. Those who do not or only insufficiently take on this responsibility sometimes make themselves unpopular. At present, almost all Western tech giants are in legal disputes with state authorities in their home countries.

The ancient Greeks already knew: "Whoever lies once, one does not believe. Even if he speaks the truth." - This tendency makes the above-mentioned topics even more important. After all, those who use their own data treasures, set up their own commerce system and then find creative marketing opportunities will become more independent of large digital corporations. In this way, competitive advantages can be secured, expanded and maintained.


Our DMEXCO conclusion: We had many great conversations with customers and partners as well as new contacts from all industries. For Wednesday we had come up with something special. At our stand there was a selection of delicious cocktails. In this relaxed atmosphere we have made new contacts and got to know existing contacts more personally.

Barkeeper - ODOSCOPE-Stand








Now it's time to follow up on the trade fair, intensify discussions and expand alliances. Because an event only offers as much potential as you draw from it.

The digital scene remains exciting - we will continue to observe relevant trends and play an active role in shaping them. Also at the next DMEXCO we will talk to many exciting people, network, hand out goodies, dance at the stand parties as well as eat and distribute free snacks. Some of our colleagues you will surely meet again at the OMR Party or in the OMClub. We're looking forward to it!

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