According to Gartner, up to 200 (!!!) different customer experience indicators are measured and analyzed in large organizations. The measurement of a Customer Experience (CX) is as complex as the CX itself, which basically consists of all experiences with a company (e.g. online, in-store, customer service and much more). Therefore, people from different areas should also be part of an optimization team. But what exactly does such a perfect team look like?

There are of course very different answers to this question depending on the size and maturity of a company. In addition, a team working on optimizing the customer experience might have other names. The functions could also be performed by a product, marketing or UX team, for example. This depends largely on the company, its structure and, of course, the product/service.

What do I need a CX team for, anyway? 

The value of a Customer Experience Team is that it has a single theme: the customers. The CX team should be the advocate for the client's needs. The team members are 100% customer-oriented and make no compromises. Their responsibilities can be as varied as they are:

  • Evaluation of the current performance
  • Collection of data, information and knowledge
  • Implementation of improvements
  • Conception, monitoring and measurement of key figures
  • Generation and exchange of knowledge
  • Planning of new initiatives, functions and features
  • Identification of risks and/or search for alternative routes
  • Recommendation and advice within the organisation

That sounds like a lot of responsibility and interdisciplinary cooperation, doesn't it?

The Perfect Customer Experience Optimization Team

In our live talk format Open M.I.C. #4 Matthias Bettag and Sven Verborg also talked about the composition of CX optimization teams. Matthias highlighted the following areas:

  • Marketing (online/offline; depending on the size of the organization)
  • Product (for brands, in e-commerce or person in charge of B2B services)
  • Analytics / Business Intelligence / Data Science
  • Testing (because new functions are validated here)
  • IT / Development
  • Privacy / Data protection / Legal (to comply with the regulations)

These different disciplines need to be brought together in order to look at customer experience optimization initiatives from different angles. Depending on the complexity of the company, areas such as customer service, sales, account management, logistics and much more can also be included. Then it also works with the Customer Experience.

You should also consider how often such a CX team should work together. In working groups, workshops or monthly meetings? Quite agile and modern in chapters or tribes? Project-based? Because only multinational corporations will be able to afford a pure Customer Experience Team!

A CX team is interdisciplinary, cross-functional and also bears a lot of responsibility. If you skillfully combine the knowledge of your colleagues and embark on a journey to a great customer experience, users and customers will thank you for it!

Since good customer experience is usually linked to good sales, such a team plays an essential role in customer-oriented companies. But beware: a CX Team is not a pure Growth Team.

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