Sven Verborg

Sven Verborg
Sven Verborg ist ein Digital Native mit langjähriger Marketing und Technologie Expertise insbesondere im B2B Umfeld.  Als interessierter Beobachter der Tech, E-Commerce und Digital-Branche ist er stets top informiert!
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Dilemma of personalization: 20% is not enough

Personalization is currently one of the hottest buzzwords in e-business. German e-business media produces lurid headlines such as "Without personalization no brand loyalty" or "Consumers expect personalization" - but is that really the case?

App Store Optimization: 7 Keys for More App Downloads

The app market is huge and the competition is growing steadily! There are around 4 million apps in the two major app stores. On average, however, only 9 apps per day or 30 apps per month are used. Nevertheless apps are a global business with over ...

More turnover and customer loyalty? Consider shopping situations!

E-commerce sales have been growing at a consistent double-digit rate for years. The most recent figures from the bevh also confirm this for 2018: they show an increase of 11.4 % to 65.10 billion euros. This means that about every eighth euro is ...

Know more: 4 Top Conversion Blogs You Should Read

For many large e-businesses, conversion optimization is an important issue. Because even a conversion rate optimization in the per mil range can mean up to several hundred thousand euros in additional sales with a correspondingly large traffic ...

Expert interview: Insights on Conversion Optimization by Brian Massey (

Brain Massey, web optimization expert and founder of the agency Conversion Sciences talks to us in an interview about his view on conversion optimization. We dive into conversion processes, the role of redesign in optimization, talk about ...

More Conversions: 5 Methods of Sales Psychology in E-Commerce

Whenever something is sold and bought, apart from the rational processes, emotions and impulses play a decisive role. This is why sales psychology has a long tradition in retail. Understanding and applying purchase intentions and triggers is the ...
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4 Reasons for Operational Intelligence – the competitive advantage for your E-Business

Here’s how to exceed the high expectations of today’s customers with Operational Intelligence The amount of data from a variety of different sources is exponentially growing (i.e. through digital business models, cloud computing, location data or ...

What E-Commerce Can Learn From The Game Industry – 7 Starting Points

Despite the increasing professionalization of online commerce in Europe, e-commerce companies still have a lot to learn in some areas. Large online shops tend to find it more difficult to deal with more innovative topics in particular. This is ...

Learn from the big players: 5 success factors from Thomann, Zooplus & Co.

In German e-commerce, there are online-shops that are thriving despite Amazon's growing market share in Germany. What can you learn from these companies? We took a close look at their success factors.
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