Alexandra Delbeck

Alexandra Delbeck
Alexandra Delbeck fühlt sich im Online-Marketing zu Hause. Nach ihres Studiums des Mode & Markenmanagements an der International School of Management sorgt sie als Content Managerin bei ODOSCOPE regelmäßig für spannende Inhalte & Insights aus dem Online-Business.
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How to stop the optimization of your conversion rate - 5 negative examples

Conversion optimization is on everyone's mind and is considered by many online marketers to be the holy grail of revenue growth. The list of different methods, possibilities and approaches that promise an improved conversion rate is long - and more ...

On the trail of personalization: A survey on the good old Aunt Emma principle

Aunt Emma reloaded in German online shops? Personalization is much more than just one of the buzzwords in the e-commerce year 2018. It is THE must-have for online shops that want to shine in front of their customers with an excellent shop. The study ...

Conversion Boosting through Bounce Rate Optimization

For shop operators, the conversion rate is an essential key performance indicator (KPI). They attach great importance to optimizing them. They concentrate, for example, on facilitating navigation in the online shop, preventing cancellations of ...

This is how tomorrow's online shopping works: 5 Trends that will determine German e-commerce in the future

Multichannel yesterday, crosschannel today, omnichannel tomorrow? A few years ago, digitalization was ridiculed, but today two-thirds of retailers see it as an opportunity. Because in the future, shop systems will be much more than just additional ...

Well advised when shopping online - Do it like your stationary colleagues.

Online shopping with personal advice sounds at first like a contradiction. But it brings with it exactly what many consumers have been missing in the digital shopping world up to now. Although every second German now enjoys shopping online more than ...
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