Alexandra Delbeck

Alexandra Delbeck
Alexandra Delbeck fühlt sich im Online-Marketing zu Hause. Nach ihres Studiums des Mode & Markenmanagements an der International School of Management sorgt sie als Content Managerin bei ODOSCOPE regelmäßig für spannende Inhalte & Insights aus dem Online-Business.
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Use your data treasure cleverly: This is how you turn Big Data into Smart Data!

Collecting data: A trend that is almost as common in the digital age as the collection of ink cartridge beads in the 1990s. The result of the general enthusiasm for collecting data in e-business are huge mountains of data, which accompany many ...

Do it like HelloFresh, About You & Co.: 5 tips for the shopping behavior of your customers

Where online business used to be laughed over years ago, in today's digital age it is more in focus than ever before. A company that operates without an online shop, web presence or social media channel? Not imaginable anymore! In 2019, customers ...

4 Myths of Customer Experience & why you shouldn't believe them

Delivering an excellent Customer Experience (CX) has become the supreme discipline in online business. Nevertheless, according to a Bain & Company study, 80% of companies are certain: "We already shine with an excellent customer experience!" ...

CX Optimization: Fast or accurate? Answers from Zalando, konversionsKRAFT & Co

When it comes to customer experience optimization, the focus is on the exact approach. But here speed often competes with accuracy. Therefore, companies have to weigh carefully and choose between a very fast but possibly less data based ...

Privacy vs. Individualization: The Battle between Privacy and Individual Customer Experience

Even one year after the introduction of the new Basic Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the hype surrounding data protection in online business has not yet subsided. Because as soon as the mammoth task of the GDPR has been mastered to some extent, ...

This is how L'Oréal, Tennis-Point & Co make their customers happy: 4 CX Best Practises of the Giants

Although an "excellent Customer Experience" (CX) is particularly pleasurable for customers and is considered the A&O for the virtual shopping trip, these three words cause goose bumps and massive overtaxing for many companies.
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Buyer Personas: Why conventional personas are not enough

Imagine a brunette woman at the age of 25. Let's call her Sabrina. She sits with her laptop on the couch and follows her favourite hobby: online shopping. She proudly holds her credit card in her hand and looks at the many colorful shopping bags ...

RECO, AI or ML: This is the artificial intelligence of Amazon & Co

Online-shops are operating in an environment that has changed rapidly over the last 10 years. Small companies in the online trade are already throwing buzzwords like "Machine Learning", "Artificial Intelligence" or "Recommendations" around. An ...

GDPR meets E-Commerce: This is the solution for the GDPR dilemma

Last year on May 25, 2018, the time had come: The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was introduced and has turned e-commerce upside down ever since. Collecting customer data and using personal data to optimize the customer experience? ...
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